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Top Things to Know About Evening Desert Safari Tour


A wide range of all-inclusive packages for many different kinds of desert safaris are offered at Dubai Desert Tourism. Many additional options, such as quad bikes and dune buggies, are accessible for our visits.

We offer you to experience one of our most well-liked safaris, such as the Deluxe Overnight Safari or the Evening Desert Safari, with one of our skilled, experienced drivers.

Dubai Desert Tourism rated #1 on Google and acknowledged by TripAdvisor, is well-known for providing a superb safari experience. 

What is an Evening Desert Safari?

 For everyone visiting the United Arab Emirates, a must. This is one safari you can’t do back- home, but it will make a wonderful memory to share with your family and friends. It is highly recommended and well worth the investment.

This journey begins in the afternoon and travels over Dubai’s desert, stopping frequently for picture opportunities. After a thrilling dune journey, you reach the first location for a stunning sunset. After pausing to enjoy the sunset, we resume our Dune bashing till we arrive at our campground. 

You may try out sandboarding, riding a camel, and getting your hands or feet hennaed here. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you may savor a delectable BBQ meal. Additionally, you may take in our fire show and Tanura show performances under the stars beside the campfire.

Choosing the Right Tour Operator

Offering a variety of all-inclusive packages for various desert safari experiences, Desert Safari Dubai also provides a plethora of extra alternatives, including off-road adventure seekers like dune buggies and quad bikes with knowledgeable, experienced guides. Because we have so many camps, we can tailor your desert safari requirements. 

Our desert safari expertise personally selects the tidy, hygienic camps. We have skilled, qualified drivers and all of our vehicles are 4×4. Since we don’t think it’s right to take advantage of opportunities to make extra money, we are the most recommended online agency for reservations about desert safaris.

Please submit your question to us, and we will get back to you in two hours. Additionally, we can assist with any ground services in Dubai, such as hotels. 

Please submit your question to us, and we will get back to you in two hours. Additionally, we can help with all ground services in Dubai, such as car rentals, hotels, and tours. We have committed employees available around-the-clock to handle your inquiries.

Please send us an email at to advertise on the website.

Best Time to Go for Evening Desert Safari Tour

November to March are the ideal months to visit Dubai on a desert safari. In general, the afternoons are nice with the weather. It’s not so cold at night. Thus, the weather is ideal for this kind of activity. 


What to Wear and Bring for the desert safari tour

You’re in the proper place if you’re unsure about what to dress in Dubai! You don’t need to worry about anything else because we are here to assist you in making a desert safari outfit plan. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead so you can prepare for those Instagram-worthy photos in the Arabian Desert. 

  1. Light fabric
  2. A poncho or hoodie 
  3. Loose pants and shirts with long sleeves 
  4. A light shawl, cap, and sunglasses
  5. Cozy sneakers or shoes 

Safety Precautions

Participant safety on Desert Safari is our top priority. In order to contribute to a secure environment, visitors are asked to abide by certain guidelines, such as :

Use of Seat Belts:  

In order to reduce the possibility of injury in the event of abrupt stops or uneven terrain, all participants must use seat belts during the safari.

Pay attention to the guides: 

Before going on a safari, visitors should pay close attention to the safety briefings that guides deliver, which include information on emergency protocols.

Regarding Health: 

Before going on a Desert Safari, anyone with specific medical issues are urged to speak with medical authorities.

Activities and Attractions

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is rightly known as the most opulent city in the Persian Gulf. Dubai has a dazzling cityscape, unique nightlife, and opulent experiences, but its desert safari stands out from the others. 

Some of the unforgettable experiences of spending a thrilling day and night in the stunning Arabian Desert include safaris, exploring the wilderness in a Range Rover, and spending an evening in an Arabic tent surrounded by entertainment in the middle of a desert amid the beauty of nature. 

There are plenty of things to do at Desert Safari Dubai. Please select and enjoy your favorite Dubai desert safari locations. 

Exciting Activities:

With the vastness of the Arabian Desert, the rich interactions in the center of the dunes, and the daily array of highly fascinating activities, a desert safari in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime. Select from a variety of blue-lit photography trips, an exciting desert safari, an adventure-filled night safari, or a breathtaking night spent in the freezing desert.

With thrilling rides, classical Arabic music, and appetizing food, Dubai Night Safari presents the best Arabian nights and is well worth a try. Dubai’s desert safari offers a range of experiences, from vibrant evenings to picture-perfect mornings. We discuss how to make the most of your time when visiting the vast Arabian Desert.

Options for an exciting Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai offers a unique experience due to the vastness of the Arabian Desert, the rich interactions found within the dunes, and the diverse range of fascinating activities available.

Wonderful Sunrise in the Arabian Desert

The best time to see the vast Arabian Desert is around sunrise, when the sun is at its brightest and looks lowest in the sky. Savor the magnificence and marvel at the golden splendor. Without a doubt, the best time of day to take pictures in the desert is in the morning.

Dune Bashing

An exciting desert safari experience in Dubai is taking a 4×4 Jeep trip in the morning into the vast Arabian Desert and then through the windy sand dunes. Typically, the jeep wakes you up from the hotel and whisks you away for roughly thirty minutes on an amazing trip.

Camel ride

A thrilling 45-minute camel ride is usually offered on a morning desert safari in Dubai. Experience the desert’s wildlife by taking a camel caravan ride through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. A further highlight of the desert safari’s camel ride is the falcon presentation, throughout when tourists can wander about to take pictures with the beautiful bird.


Due to an infinite broadness of sand, sand skiing is an exciting activity that is unique to Dubai. For sand skiing, a few dunes that are 200–300 meters high are ideal. As you glide down the beach at high speed, feel the sand beneath your skis. 

Riding a quad bike

Driving a quad bike over the Arabian desert is one of the most daring activities you can do on a Dubai desert safari. Adventure seekers on a Dubai trip who like to speed through the turns and explore the Desert like masters can definitely consider quad riding.

An Arabian Desert sunset

The sunset sun in Dubai’s desert is equally, if not more, spectacular than the morning light. It’s a breathtaking sight when the sun disappears behind one of those dunes, losing its orange hue. Take a Land Rover ride to some dunes and enjoy the view as the dunes appear to be rising far above the ground. That is a great chance to take some images.

Things to Do at Night on Desert Tourism

With a variety of performances and activities such as fire-eating, twirling, stilt dancing, and exotic belly dancing, this is the best way to spend a night. Set up your luxury tent and enjoy some precious time with your family and friends. Enjoy a bonfire, barbecue, festivities, and a desert safari in Dubai while spending the night out the tent among the stars.

Dinner Buffet

The food of Dubai is famous for its delicious taste and fragrance. Buffets offer classic kebabs as well as an array of intriguing Arabic treats served amongst Dubai’s desert adventure. During supper, belly dancers and music create a genuine Arabian night atmosphere.

The desert overnight stay

Dune bashing, viewing stars, and moonlight desert safari are among Dubai’s prime desert safari experiences. The evenings usually turn windy and chilly, which is perfect for a romantic drive in the Land Rover. 

Spend the night delighting in the beauty of the Arabian Desert by making your way to the dunes. Camping and an early breakfast on a midnight desert safari in Dubai are the most renowned combinations.

Cultural Insights

For generations of people, the Bedouin people have been a nomadic Arab group that has lived in the Middle East’s deserts. Their harsh desert environment has affected their manner of life, encouraging them to be creative and autonomous. 

In Bedouin culture, ties to family are highly valued, and extended families often travel together and share resources. They enjoy being hospitable to tourists and have a great feeling of community. 

The Bedouins have an extensive cultural heritage that has been passed down over centuries, as well as their traditions and customs.
Listed below are just a few of the Bedouin traditions that are common practices:

The Bedouins have a rich cultural history that has been passed down through generations of people, along with their customs and rituals.
Listed below are a few of the Bedouin customs and popular practices:

1. Herding Camels
2. Falconry
3. Hospitality
4. Traditional Outfit
5. Dancing and Music 

Photography Tips

To capture the beauty of the Dubai desert landscape, you will need to come prepared with essential equipment.

  1. A Digital Camera 

A camera is the first and most obvious element. no matter the type of lens—DSLR or mirrorless—having a high-quality camera is a must for taking clean, sharp pictures. 

  1. Tripods 

An additional necessary piece of equipment is a solid tripod. When you do this, you can minimize the chance of unwanted blur from shaking hands or uneven surfaces and maintain higher-quality photographs.

  1. Eyeglasses 

It is recommended to use a wide-angle lens to take in the vast desert surroundings. Furthermore, consider taking a telephoto lens to get close-up shots of far-off objects. 

  1. A filter with polarization 

A polarizing filter might be helpful when taking portraits in bright sunlight. It helps the creation of photos with richer, brighter colors.

  1. Additional Attachments 

It might be beneficial to have extra batteries, memory cards, and even an external flash if you want to do any night taking the picture.

  1. Dust Blower

It can get dusty in the desert, so pack a dust blower to blow sand and dust off of your lenses and camera.

Although challenging, capturing the beauty of the arid landscape may be rewarding. A few pieces of tips will help you get the most out of your desert photography:

  1. Use of natural light: The desert has stunning natural light, especially around sunset. To get the best lighting, try shooting around these hours.
  2. Seek for textures and patterns: The desert environment has a variety of textures and patterns. To give your pictures depth as well, look for attractive lines and forms in the sand and pebbles.

  3. Add contrast elements: The stark contrast between light and dark areas is typical of desert environments. Take advantage of this by adding contrast to your compositions.
  4. Record motion: Because it can get windy in the desert, take advantage of this by recording.

 Logistics and Booking Information

Looking for an exceptional experience on a desert safari. Book here
Enjoy activities such as henna tattoos and riding camels.
On the Evening Desert Safari journey, enjoy the excitement of a 4×4 ride.
Enjoy a Tanura and belly dance performance, shisha, and BBQ dinner to top off the night’s desert safari.
Enjoy convenient round-trip transportation from where you are staying. 

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