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Dubai Creek Park is located on the edge of the Creek. The Dubai Creek area combines a commercial seaport, which it still does, which passes through the heart of Dubai City.

It is the second largest park in Dubai, covering a large area of parkland, landscaped gardens, and children’s playgrounds. Its lush green scenery and the cool breeze is blowing in from the sea. It is the best place in Dubai for the view in the evening, family members, and near and dear ones. This is one of Dubai’s oldest and largest parks opened in 1994. Creek Park Dubai is located on the banks of Salt Creek. You can get water to it, and it has three helipads, a communications center, a car, cabin-style rooms, and an emergency department.


It is a large park with entrance doors. The three gates on the main street and the other are against the Al-Garhoud Bridge and Al-Maktoum. The entrance fee to the park’s magnificence is only AED 5 per person for adults only.


The park is open every day from 08: 00 to 10: 00 in the winter and from 05: 00 to 09: 00 in the summer.


The warm and shallow waters of Dubai creek support a great variety of marine life worldwide. Dhows used for fishing can now be rented for a slow trip while you enjoy the tranquility of the area.

The financial position Dubai is the only port or harbor in the city. It is easy to neglect its beauty and the importance of the Cry of the area.

To witness the prosperity and wealth of the area, Creek State Park meant the government of Dubai and how it has helped transform Dubai into the most prominent tourist attraction in the world.


In Bubble Dubai, the industry became the dominant sector of the economy. It remains the gold stores are the primary source of exports. Dubai Creek hosts many outdoor events in the market if you’re on a happy note where and what to buy!


The restaurant is on the banks of Dubai Creek. If you are a seafood lover, among other things, Dubai creek to park is precisely the place you would like to visit. Here you can find food from all over the world. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the food, along with the best of the best sunsets. However, you may have some of the best views in the area.


One of the best things you can experience is in the Creek, the Park’s dolphin show in Dubai Dolphinarium. Spending time in the community and you will be able to:-bottlenose dolphins. It will be the best memory for you and your kids to collect all their lives. They are jumping through the hoops and juggling. Perform tricks and win the hearts of all of its external action.

If you are lucky, they will allow you to swim; you can relax and enjoy yourself! There are information centers and a small kiosk where you can learn more about the dolphins and the marine fauna of the Dubai Dolphinarium.

It is a 5D and a 7D cinema, a mirror maze, a trampoline room, and 20 different species of birds. Look at the birds of the show, Dubai Creek Park, which will take place at the dolphinarium.

Kids will love this place!!! You can host a birthday party, which is also often the school. You will always be welcome here and to enjoy communion with the natural world.


If you would like to have your children’s place to spend the day with you, you have a bit of fun, and a little bit of information along with the joy of the Creek, the Park, the children’s City is the best option. There are indoor infotainment centers, which allow the children to learn through various hands-on learning. As a child, in the technology and earth sciences photo gallery, global exhibitions, a planetarium, and, of course, one of the centers.

For children aged from 6 to years old, it’s a children’s playground with water play according to their age. Also, there is a theater for children and adults alike, and you can spend time with the kids.


Take a ride on the wooden dhows, wood, or taxi. Enjoy the peace and serenity of the ocean in a slow-traveling to Dubai Creek Park. You are going to enjoy one of the best times of your life.

The environment will make you feel like the king of Hollywood movies. The route’s small board of directors is very close to the Dhow area in Dubai Creek Park, which you can see.


Prospects love places where they’re easy to cook and enjoy the food with their friends and family. The barbecue is one of the many options available at Creek Park. People cook together and enjoy time with their families.


You would certainly want to miss out on just a lifetime chance to get to the gold of the presentation of one the most gold medal collection in the world. The fact that you exist, if you can, go for the Gold Creek Market of Dubai, and don’t forget to bargain. Only settle for the first price.


Another tool that you can use is a mini-app. You can also use a short tour to make the most of the Cry and to the Park, especially if you have a limited period; the mini-train is the best option to ensure you get all parts of the Cry of the Park.

Find the best trip of your life. It’s perfect for both kids and adults.


Going to the park and riding the bike seems wrong, even as adults. To get rid of each of them through a cycle to be one with the outdoors-themed gardens and flowers in the flower beds.

Bicycles can be rented at Creek Park, you can rent out a little bike for two or four people, and you can buy a great bike.


If you have taken a train or a bike ride in the Park but still missing something? The Dubai Creek Park, in particular, is for you to enjoy all the beauty of the area. Ride on the cable car for a ride. Window with a view of the Eye and Bird’s Park. This is a 30-minute visit, which rises up to 30 meters up in the sky, covering the 2.3 miles to the Park, and offers views of the Dubai skyline, which stretches along the water’s edge.

The rider can see Dubai, the Old Skyline, and skyscrapers, which is the main attraction for the adventure-seekers, on the Sheikh Zayed Road. In short, Dubai Creek the Park is a complete package of services that you can use and budget. For many conditions and for low wages in order to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their time to the fullest. You can choose from several options for entertainment in Creek Park, Dubai, UAE. From cycling to the car, all in one place. From the more adventurous can see, already just for working parents, and no one felt left out of Dubai Creek Park.

These famous cities and attractions are also convenient for visitors as the Creek, and the Park are fairly easy to achieve. This is one of the best and most memorable places, as you will not have to.

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There is a 5 AED entrance fee to visit Dubai Creek. However, there may be fees for certain activities such as water taxi rides or dhow cruises. It is also important to note that while the creek itself is free to access, some of the surrounding areas and attractions (such as the Gold Souk or Dubai Spice Souk) may have entrance fees. Overall, visiting Dubai Creek is a budget-friendly activity.


Dubai Creek is not only a bustling hub for trade and commerce, but it also serves as a cultural center and tourist attraction. The creek divides the city into two sections: Deira on the north and Bur Dubai on the south. Visitors can take traditional dhow cruises along the creek or explore the historic Bastakiya quarter.


Our Dubai desert safari price is 35 AED (self-drive).

The entrance fee to Dubai Creek Park is only 5 Dirhams per person.

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