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Places To Visit In Khorfakkan Tour


Khorfakkan is situated in Sharjah city of Emirates. You will experience big mountains, attractive seashores, and beautiful weather. Additionally, you can celebrate your happiness at Khor Fakkan Waterfall or visit Rafisah Dam. Mountains surround the area. You can participate in boating, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. If you are visiting this place, remember that from November to April, the weather has normal temperatures with sunny shades during the day. On the other hand, you can take pleasure in a cold, damp evening. There is a list of Places to visit in khorfakkan, so you can check it before finalizing your khorfakkan tour Dubai.

Waterfall and Khor Fakkan square near the Khorfakkan Amphitheatre, this waterfall located will grab visitors’ attention. This has a magnificent 45m-high waterfall that coved with natural rocks.

However, The Square has four entrance gates for visitors. You can enjoy your evenings with this beautiful artificial waterfall. In the evenings, it shows more glows that can delight you on your khorfakkan tour Dubai.

KhorFakkan Tour Shees Park:

This park is near wadi shees and spread on 11362 acres. Do many activities such as climbing mountains; there are stone stairs so you can climb on them too. Surely it is an enjoyable location for a family picnic.

Visit our artificial waterfall and seating area with your loved ones now. Enjoy dining with bbq stations but do consider coming first because only five stations will serve visitors. The theater and kids’ play area will help you to relax in your precious time.

Dam Al Rafisah Khor Fakkan:

Large mountains surround this watering place. The play area will be quite popular with children. Along with this, there are restaurants and a visitor’s center. Never miss kayaking and boat riding on your trip. The supermarket, mosque, and café will be there for visitors. Thus enjoy boating and seeing ducks and deer during this memorable ride.

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Heritage Village:
In this heritage village, you can learn about the history of khorfakkan, back to the 16th century. There are villages, watchtowers, farms and other famous places that you can explore. To collect memories, you need to go through old maps, photographs, and important documents to unleash the history of this region.
Car Museum, Al Aqah, Fujairah

More than 40 vintage cars can explore in this antique car museum. When you go to the Dibba side, you will find this museum on the main highway of Khor fakkan. Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes, and other big luxury names are there that hit the 1900’s generation. Along with antique cars, you can view currencies of the globe in different exhibitions.

Tower of Al Rabi:

When you go hiking on al Rabi tower, you will see amazing views of the coastal town. Natural beauty surrounds you with curved beached and rugged mountainscapes. Near Fujairah, you will find this tower best for healthy activities for all ages.

Snoopy Island in Khorfakkan:

On this peaceful snoopy island, you can snorkel to discover the hidden beauty of Khorfakkan. Find underwater different species that you cannot find in normal life. Go to a sandy beach hotel for rest and a resort with different continental foods. This island is just 120m x 80m in size. Marine life contains colourful fishes like parrotfish, Arabian boxfish, angel fish, and butterfly fish with turtles.

Trip To Shark Island in Khorfakkan Tour Dubai:

The homeland of sea anemones and turtles will allow you to discover the beauty of the sea in a boat. Near Khorfakkan port, you will find this shark island. On the boat, you can explore sea beauty and capture some stunning photos for your social media accounts. There is a swimming facility when you reach a tiny island filled with rocks.

Visit the Gulf of Oman:

For parasailing, you can visit the gulf of Oman. On the back of the boat, you need to stand and follow the handlers’ instructions. Now glide in the air with the help of a parachute, and you can explore the warm water of Oman.

Wadi Sena And Hiking Experience

Hiking is a must thing on your Khorfakkan tour. Strap your comfortable shoes and start early in the morning to start hiking. In the evening, explore and cover more grounds. It occupies 7.2km stretching, so give a chance to see the beauty of Khorfakkan.

Aquaventure Waterpark:

In exploring the Dubai journey, you have to visit Aquaventure Waterpark. A visitor will enjoy its rides and marine activities. This largest water park includes a kids’ area and the best private beaches for all generations.

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