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UAE stands on the pillar of 7 emirates and amongst them, Dubai is the Majesty. A variety of audacious venues in Dubai allows visitors to come to this tourism hub. To get a glimpse of what is stored in it to explore. The most significant of these is the name “Hatta Tour“.

Our team is dedicated to creating a fun-filled atmosphere for all of our clients. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery, we have something for everyone.

A Review On Hatta

Hatta, the part of the Dubai Emirate is located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. From Dubai, the driving time period is less than 2 hours. Previously known as Hajarian, Hatta became a dependency of Dubai during the reign of Hashir Bin Maktoum. It was built as a military tower in the village to fend off any attackers from neighboring emirates and countries.

The Climate Of Hatta

The weather in Hatta is much cooler than in Dubai because of its higher altitude. Hatta has a desolate landscape and temperature reaching 55°c in the summer and far colder in the winter. It is a good choice for a weekend escape from the tiresome city. In winter, Hatta is an ultimate daycation resort for hiking, biking, kayaking, and other adventures. As winters are cooler comparable to summers, so your backpack must have warm outfits, like jackets and sweaters for mountain gliding or camping on chilly nights.

Some Basic Things To Know About Hatta

Today, Hatta has become a panorama with its natural beauty and allows visitors to explore the everlasting joy of the pristine scenes. It is a typical itinerary with ample opportunities for venturesome activities. For many travelers, the Hatta tour is on their bucket list. So, here is the chance to know everything about Hatta before your visit, if you are planning to add this excursion to your memory book. Before going anywhere, you must have knowledge about that place like what to do there? what to wear? where to stay? and how to approach there?

What Is The Best Time To Visit Hatta?

Months marching from September to October(Spring)and from February to March(autumn) are the best months to visit Hatta. For the best alleviation, it is suggested not to visit Hatta. When the summers and winters are at their climax. As activities are closed. Because it would be drab if you are not going to partake in these thrills and comfort.

How To Get To Hatta?

Self-driving and renting a car are the ways to reach this landing place of adventure and beauty. The journey nearly takes 90 minutes. If your journey is from Dubai, you have to go through the route of Sharjah-Kalba following the signs to Hatta tour. But if you are coming from Abu Dhabi, you have to follow the same route and it will take 2.5 hours. You can also go there by bus. For this, you have to catch the e16 bus from Al Sabkha Bus Station in Dubai. Hence, the bus journey is a little more prolonged than a car.

What To Wear In Hatta?

It is always advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes on adventurous tours. As Hatta is on height and the climate is comparatively cool, so don’t forget to pack warm clothes like sweaters and jackets. If you are in cold mountains and chilly night camping. To visit the cultural and historical sites, your clothes must be courteous, covering your knees and shoulders.

Famous Things To Do In Hatta

Hence, Hatta is an ultimate destination for native families of Dubai and adventuring Western foreigners. Hatta is a seasonal place with many options. Lets have an eye on top things

Hatta Wadi Hub

It is a must-visit adventurous place for adrenaline lovers with an escape from civilized life. There is a variety of experiences that unleash the adventure within you like Hatta deep-in, Net walk-away, Tube sliding, Zorbing, Wall climbing, Human slingshot, Axe throwing, and Archery. Among new additional activities at Hatta Wadi Hub, are spacious blockade courses where the tourists get a chance to explore the rocky mountains in 4×4 wheels Rovers. E-bikes are also introduced for these enthralling experiences.

Hatta Horseback Riding

A faithful animal horse is here to welcome you warmly to enjoy the captivating sights, while passing through the tranquil lakes and serene mountain foothills, riding on the back of the horse.

Mountain Biking

For bike lovers, it is the most hilarious experience to traverse the rocky landscape.

Hatta Kayaking

The turquoise lake is embedded with eloquent beauty and surrounded by spiky mountains is an ideal place for water sports. Kayaking in water with pedal boats, water boats, or tour boats with a driver over vast calm waves of water is exhilarating.


One of the most thrilling experiences in the captivating valley of Hatta is paragliding.

Hatta Hiking

Another free-of-cost thrilling experience that helps the hikers to climb up the lofty and rocky mountains.

There is a lot more to do in Hatta tour, you must be aware of like Hatta Honeybee, Discovery Centre, Hatta Swan Lake, Hatta Fort, Hatta Hill Park, and Hatta Heritage Village.

Where to Stay in Hatta?

Apart from the monotonous routine of the city, the beauty lovers have a lot of options in feel their connection with nature and splendor of Hatta’s natural landscape. You will have a variety of resorts, luxury Hotels—– the right places to relax and to do many activities with your family that makes your itinerary an unforgettable pastime. Different source of accommodations include, Hatta Caravan Park,Hatta Dome Park, Damani Lodges Resort, Sunrise Farm house Hatta, Alberi Lodge, Hatta Haven, Happiness Hatta Farm, and Hatta terrace.

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